Christian Zionism : Road-map to Armageddon?

Chapter 1: Introduction     

Chapter 2: The Historical Roots of Christian Zionism since 1800               

1. The Early Intimations: Proto-Christian Zionism                                      

2. The Socio-Political Context for the Rise of Christian Zionism                        

3. The Origins of Covenantal Premillennial Restorationism in Britain               

4. The Origins of Dispensational Christian Zionism in Britain                            
5. Lord Shaftesbury and the Influence of Restorationism upon British Foreign Policy                                                                                                   

6. British Christian Political Support for the Jewish Zionist Movement  

7. The Balfour Declaration and the Implementation of the Zionist Vision          
8. Dispensationalism and the Birth of Christian Zionism in America (1859-1945)
9. Anti-Semitism and American Liberal
Christian Zionism (1918-1967) 
10. Contemporary American Evangelical Christian Zionism (1967-2002)       
11. The Proliferation of Christian Zionist Organisations                          

12. The Historical Roots of Christian Zionism: Conclusions                               

Chapter 3: The Theological Emphases of Christian Zionism                   

1. The Bible: A Literal Futurist Hermeneutic                                                         

2. Chosen Peoples: The Relationship Between Israel and the Church         

3. Restorationism: The Return of the Jews to Zion                                                              

4. Eretz Israel: Reclaiming Judea, Samaria and Beyond                      

5. Jerusalem: The Eternal and Exclusive Jewish Capital                        

6. The Temple: Rebuilding for Desecration                                                          

7. The Future: The Eschatology of Christian Zionism                                          

8. The Distinctive Theology of Christian Zionism: Conclusions              

Chapter 4: The Political Implications of Christian Zionism            

1. The Chosen People: Supporting Israeli Colonialism                                       

2. Restorationism: Facilitating Aliyah from Russia and Eastern Europe           

3. Eretz Israel: Sustaining the West Bank Settlements                                        

4. Jerusalem: Lobbying for International Recognition                                          

5. The Temple: Identifying with Religious Zionism                                               

6. The Future: Opposing Peace and Hastening Armageddon                           

7. The Political Implications of Christian Zionism: Conclusions             

Chapter 5: Conclusions                                                                                      

1. Observations on the Development of Christian Zionism                                 

2. Variant Forms of Christian Zionism                                                                   

3. The Constructive and Destructive Aspects of Christian Zionism                   

4. A Critical Assessment of Christian Zionism                                                     

5. Biblical Zionism: An Alternative?                                                                    



Christian Zionists and the Road to Armageddon (Audio)
Christian Zionists and the Rebuilding of the Jewish Temple (Audio)
Zionism and the Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine (Audio)
Christian Zionists and the Road to Armageddon (Text)

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