Christian Zionism: History, Theology and Politics

Chapter 1: Christian Zionism Defined
Chapter 2: A History of Christian Zionism
Chapter 3: Edward Irving (1792-1834) The Origins of the Rapture Doctrine
Chapter 4: John Nelson Darby (1800-1882) The Father of Dispensationalism
Chapter 5: Cyrus Scofield (1843-1921) and the Rise of Modern Dispensationalism
Chapter 6: Hal Lindsey and Armageddon Theology
Chapter 7: The International Christian Embassy Jerusalem For winzip version click here
Chapter 8: The Hermeneutics of Christian Zionism Critiqued
Chapter 9: The Jewish Temple within Christian Zionism.

These are research chapters used in the preparation of his doctorate awarded by Oak Hill Theological College and Middlesex University, London in 2002. The Times Higher Educational Supplement ran an article about my thesis in August 2004. Have a look!

Christian Zionism : Road Map to Armageddon?
His definitive critique of Christian Zionism was published by IVP in December 2004.

Christian Zionists and the Road to Armageddon (Audio CD)
Christian Zionists and the Last Days Jewish Temple (Audio CD)
The Forgotten Faithful : The Uncertain Future of the Palestinian Church (Audio CD)
Zionism and the Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine (Audio CD)
Christian Zionists and the Road to Armageddon (Text CD)

Stephen has produced 5 CDs based of his research, each available for £5 or $10 including postage. His PhD is available in Adobe format on a text CD together with his PowerPoint presentations and all published articles to date.

Christian Zionism : Road Map to Armageddon on DVD
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An introductory booklet containing his three lectures on the history, theology and politics of Christian Zionism is also available in English or Arabic for £5 or $10.

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Christian Zionism : Road Map to Armageddon

"I am glad to commend Stephen Sizer's ground-breaking critique of Christian Zionism. His comprehensive overview of its roots, its theological basis and its political consequences is very timely. I myself believe that Zionism, both political and Christian, is incompatible with biblical faith. Stephen's book has helped to reinforce this conviction." Revd John Stott, Rector Emeritus, All Soul's, Langham Place, London, the principal framer of the Lausanne Covenant (1974) and founder of the Langham Partnership International (author of more than 40 books including Basic Christianity, The Cross of Christ, The Contemporary Christian, Evangelical Truth and New Issues Facing Christians Today, and eight New Testament expositions (Acts, Romans etc.) in the 'Bible Speaks Today' series published by IVP).

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Published Articles

Whose Promised Land?: Israel and Biblical Prophecy.
Debate between Neil Cornell (CMJ & ITAC) and Stephen Sizer. Guildford Diocesan Evangelical Fellowship. St John's, Woking. Surrey. 18th March 1997.

Prophecy and the Millennium
Talk given to Dorking Board of Readers in June 1997.

Dispensationalism Defined
Dispensationalism Evaluated
Dispensationalism Refuted
Dispensationalism Repudiated
Musalaha Theological Seminars: Four talks given to a group of Palestinian and Messianic Church leaders in Jerusalem in September 1997.

Christian Zionism: A British Perspective.
Lecture given at the 3rd International Sabeel Conference, Bethlehem University. February 1998 and published by Melisende (1999) in Holy Land, Hollow Jubilee.

Index of Internet Sites Relating to Christian Zionism, Israel and Palestine

Anti Missionary Law Will Ban Christian Witness in Israel
Published in Evangelicals Now, August (1998). 

Christian Zionism: True Friends of Israel?
Seminar given at the Centre for Jewish Studies, School of Oriental and African Studies, London University, 3rd November 1998

The Mountain of the Wall, The Battle for Jerusalem.
Evangelicals Now, May (1997) and reprinted as Building Site Shatters Peace: Stephen Sizer explains the background to Robin Cook's visit to the disputed fields of Har Homa. Church Times, 20 March (1998)

An Alternative Theology of the Holy Land: A Critique of Christian Zionism
Written for The Churchman, June (1999)

A History of Dispensational Approaches
Lecture given to the Tyndale Fellowship Theology of the Land Conference May (1999) and as the Annual Wesley Gilpin Lecture at Regents College, Nantwich, February (2000) Published in The Land of Promise (IVP, Leicester, 2000).

Barak and the Bulldozers of Bethlehem
A series of interviews with Christians in Palestine with an evaluation of the recent Israeli elections, published in
Evangelicals Now, August (1999)

Christian Zionism and The Search for Justice
Lecture given at the Annual Conference of the Friends of Al Aqsa, Leicester University, May (2000). Published in Al-Aqsa Journal, October 2000, and Movement, Winter 2000/2001.

Zionism and the State of Israel, A Moral Inquiry by Michael Prior and published by Routledge (1999). A book review, published in Evangelicals Now, September (2000)

Israel: The Revised Version. A Review of 'Righteous Victims, A History of the Zionist-Arab Conflict 1881-1999' by Benny Morris for Third Way, October 2000, Living Stones Magazine, Winter 2000-2001 and Al Aqsa Journal, April 2001.

Christian Zionism: Justifying Apartheid in the Name of God Based on an article published in the Churchman (Summer 2001) and given as a paper at the Muslim World Forum for Global Connections (Evangelical Missionary Alliance) Whitfield House, Kennington, London, March 2001 and the Friends of Sabeel UK Theological Forum, May 2001.

The Hermeneutics of Christian Zionism Critiqued

The Jewish Temple within Christian Zionism. Based on a paper delivered to the Tyndale Biblical Studies Conference, Cambridge University, July 2001, to be published by Paternoster Press.

Defining Evangelicalism's Boundaries: Christian ZIonism - Beyond the Boundaries. A Paper delivered at the 53rd Annual Evangelical Theological Society Conference, Colorado Springs, November 2001.

Christians Who Hate the Jews - A Reply to the Spectator February 2002

Christian Zionism Conference, Centre for Jewish and American Studies, Baylor University, Waco, Texas, March 2002
A History of Christian Zionism
A Theology of Christian Zionism

Christian Zionism and the Destruction of Al Quds Paper delivered to the Institute of Islamic Studies, London, International Conference on Jerusalem, March 2003

Approaching Prophecy Today - The Hermeneutics of Dispensationalism Annual lecture delivered at Wycliffe Hall, Oxford, March 2003.

Christian Zionism - An Introduction for Al Jazeera's English language website

The History of Christian Zionism
The Theology of Christian Zionism
The Politics of Christian Zionism
Three papers on 'Misguided Millennialism' delivered at the Transmillennial Conference, Presence Ministries International, Colorado Springs, June 2003. These are available in published form for £5 or $10 including postage from the author. This booklet is also available in Arabic.

The International Christian Embassy, Jerusalem: A Case Study in Political Christian Zionism Published in Speaking the Truth about Zionism and Israel (London, Melisende, 2004)

The Holy Land and the Church in Palestine

Index of Internet Sites Relating to Israel and Palestine

When will the Children of Abraham find their Peace? (1996)

Pilgrims and Peacemakers by Garth Hewitt: A Review. Published in the Church of England Newspaper. 2nd February (1996).

Where to find Christ in the Promised Land.
blished in Evangelicals Now, October (1996)

The Mountain of the Wall, The Battle for Jerusalem.
Published in Evangelicals Now, May (1997) and the Church Times March (1998)

Pilgrimages to the Holy Land.
Seminar given at the International Living Stones Conference, London. 21st June 1997

Jesus and the Holy City, New Testament Perspectives on Jerusalem by P. W. L. Walker. Book review for Evangelicals Now, July (1997)

Render to Caesar: The Politics of Pilgrimage Tourism to the Holy Land. Published in the International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management Vol. 10, No. 1 (1998)

Travelling through the Holy Land:
by Donald Bridge. Book review published in Al Aqsa Journal, Vol 1, No. 2, April (1999)

The Bible Chronicle:
by Derek Williams. A book review for Eagle Publishers.

Review of 22 Guide Books to the Holy Land 
Published in 'A Third Millennium Guide to Pilgrimage in the Holy Land', published by Melisende (2000).

 Responsible Tourism: The Ethical Challenges of Managing Pilgrimages to the Holy Land Doctoral thesis by explication awarded by International Management Centres in 1998, earning Keris award of 'International Doctoral Graduate of the Year'

Pilgrimages to the Holy Land: The Ethical Challenges
Paper delivered on the MCB Ethics in Tourism
Global Internet Conference (1998)

The Weekend that Changed the World: The Mystery of Jerusalem's Empty Tomb
by Peter Walker, a book review

Barak and the Bulldozers of Bethlehem
A series of interviews with Christians in Palestine with an evaluation of the recent Israeli elections, published in
Evangelicals Now, August (1999)

Holy Land 2000 Pilgrimage 21-29th October 2000. Visits will be made not only to important Biblical sites but also to meet the Living Stones. You are invited to join this special tour from Virginia Water

The Christians of the Holy Land: Do They Have a Future? Lecture given at Chester Cathedral, 11th November 1999

The Premised Land: How my views about Israel and Palestine have changed A chapter in 'They Saw and Believed', edited by the Revd Dr Michael Prior, publised by Melisende (2000).

The Ethical Challenge of Managing Pilgrimages to the Holy Land
Paper delivered at the Christian Resources Exhibition, Sandown Park, Surrey, May 2000 and the Living Stones Annual Conference, May 2000.

Al Nakba: The Palestinian Tragedy A lecture given at the Rediscovering Palestine 2000 Festival, All Hallows on the Wall, London, 9th September and again at Rubery, Birmingham, 16th September 2000.

Ethical Tourism and Christian Responsibility: A Case Study. Paper given at Tourism Conference organised by Tear Fund, 31st October 2000 at the Friends House, Euston Road, London.

Sabeel International Conference
February 2001 Report

Photo Album of the Sabeel Conference showing the destruction of Beit Jala and occupation of Palestine

The Future of Christianity in the Holy Land? Paper given at Leicester University, Septepmber 2001; Manchester University and Imperial College, London University, February 2002 & University of Keele, April 2002.

The Middle East Crisis - An Assessment. Paper given at TASIS (The American School in Switzerland Egham) and the Royal Grammar School, Guildford, October 2001.